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  • TMCA Workshop 2012

    In Q1 2012, TAB has initiated eSecurity business challenges and strategies with its business partners and key customers.  This saw a discussion workshop was held recently outside Kuala Lumpur. The objectives of the workshop are innovating products and services that are suited to be introduced to key customers under the Information Exchange drive, and introducing latest authentication services by TAB to all present.   The workshop outcome was fruitful and provided a good insight for everyone on the importance of information security.   TAB is enthusiastic and confident to work with its key customers in providing them end-to-end security solutions for their businesses. 

  • TAB To Become The 3rd CA Provider In Malaysia


    MCMC has been granted TM Applied Business the establishment stage as Licensed Certification Authority (CA) in 15th December 2010. This establishment License valid until 14th December 2011.

  • TM eCert Official Launch

    TM had officially launched the e security initiatives branded as TM eCert in early February 2009.  


Infoblast is a messaging service that TAB developed to rejuvenate TM's fixed-line. It enriches the current fixed-line service with more services, thus increasing circumstances for customers to subscribe to the fixed-line service, hence increasing customer base and revenue.

What Is Infoblast?

What Can A Customer Do With Infoblast?

Benefits To Fixed-Line Telco

Benefits To Customers

What Is Infoblast? 

Infoblast is a suite of communication and messaging services available via a fixed line number, offered to TM customers through a single portal or a downloadable client.

It capitalizes on existing TM fixed line number to enable customers to send and receive messages via an internet enabled PC. All transaction will be billed at the fixed line number telephone bill.

Infoblast can be accessible through:

  • Infoblast Portal
  • Downloadable Client- Infoblaster

To register for an Infoblast account, a customer needs:

  • TM Fixed Line account
  • Internet enabled PC

Click here to register for an Infoblast account.


What Can A Customer Do With Infoblast?

Send Voice and Text Messages
A customer can record their voice message, or compose a text message, and send it to any mobile / TM phone number.

Broadcast Messages To Multiple Recipients
With just one click of the mouse, a customer can send a message to multiple recipients easily and quickly.

Get Responses To Messages
Customers can receive replies to the messages that they have broadcasted.

Retrieve Messages via PC
Customers can easily read their text messages and listen to their voice messages on their PC.

Easily Manage Messages
Customers can Save, Forward, Delete and Print their messages from their PC.

Manage Contacts
Customers can efficiently and easily manage their contact list via an intuitive address book.

Online Account Management
Customers can manage their account settings as well as define folder rules easily and quickly online.

Schedule Messages
Customers can compose their messages and schedule for it to be sent at a later time.

Auto Reply and Auto Forward Messages
Customers can set so that all incoming messages are automatically replied or forwarded to their mobile phones.

Message Notification
Customers can set so that they will be automatically notified of any new messages via SMS or voice message.

View Traffic Usage
Customers can view all incoming and outgoing messages online.

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Benefits To Fixed-Line Telco

Increase Customer Base
Go personal - personalized service means more customers.
Lower entry barrier - no monthly or registration fee.

Increase Fixed Line ARPU
Go multi-service - more service means more circumstances for customers to use the service, thus more revenue.
Enable directory - convenience for customers to send multiple messages.
Focus on group messaging - more termination translates to more revenue.
Capitalise on single billing and single provisioning.


Position in PSTN/IP convergence
Offer fixed line number to all IP services for connectivity.
Capitalise of fixed-line's strength in number and connectivity.

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Benefits To Customers

Customized Broadcast
Customers can create any message that suits their communication needs.

Flexible & Convenient Messaging
Messages can be either in the form of text or voice message. Customers also have the flexibility of sending composed messages at a later time or date.

Interactive Messaging
Customers can receive feedback and responses to their message broadcast.

Cost Effective
The perfect substitute to email and direct mailer, Infoblast offers direct, immediate and low cost communication. There is no monthly subscription or activation fee. Just sign up and start messaging instantly.

Various Functions
Customers can get their messages across wider and faster with Infoblast.

Customers can choose to download & install Infoblast client application to their PC or they can just log on to Infoblast portal. All they need is a TM fixed line, Internet connection and a PC.

Globally Accessible
Customers can receive, broadcast and send their messages from anywhere around the world when they log onto Infoblast via their PC. Ideal for travellers, students and globe trotters.

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To get further information on Infoblast and its features and functions, click here.

To learn more about how Infoblast can enrich fixed-line services, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .