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Ezeephone LogoAbout Ezeephone...

Ezeephone is a fixed prepaid telephony solution designed and developed by Telekom Applied Business for telecommunication companies that operate fixed line services. It is a fixed line prepaid telephony system that capitalises on concepts adapted from three standard prepaid technologies: cellular prepaid, payphone and calling card.

Ezeephone optimises smart card technology, customer premise equipment (CPE), Telco switches and computer telephony integration (CTI) by providing unique features and functionalities.

The system is specially designed to address issues faced by Telcos such as fraudulent calls and bad debts. With our solution, Telcos can now gain access to new market segments and possibilities.

The Ezeephone System consists of several key components:
- Ezeephone Reload Token
- Ezeephone Card
- Ezeephone CPE
- Ezeephone Telephony System (EPTS)
- Ezeephone Support System (EPSS)

Benefits To Telcos

  • Reducing Operating Expenditure (OPEX)

  • Minimise sales ordering, billing, collection, disconnection and billing dispute processes

  • Increasing Fixed line Penetration & Capture of New Market Segments

  • High-risk customers, multi-tenants, students, immigrants etc

  • Limiting Fraud

  • Anti-fraud mechanism for smart card, phones and line tapping

  • Improving Cash-Flow

  • Up-front payment eliminates bad debts and guarantees payment for usage

  • Effective Float

  • No reimbursement from Telcos for unused credits, card loss or expiry

  • High Average Revenue per User

  • One phone device shared by an unlimited number of users

    Benefits To Customers

  • Flexibility

  • Ideal for a multi-user environment, both in the office and at home

  • Hassle-free Service

  • No monthly billing or service disruption

  • Peace-of-Mind

  • No bill dispute between users of the phone

  • Security

  • Prevention against fraud or unauthorised usage by strangers

  • Control

  • Card-holders have full control on usage

  • Mobility & Independency

  • One personal card can be used on any Ezeephone or Ezeepayphone

  • Ease of Use

  • No numbers or PIN to key-in, just insert and dial

    Potential Markets

  • Educational Institutions

  • Schools, colleges, training centers
    Cheaper than payphones, card issued at registration, personal use of the card

  • Temporary or Rented Accommodations

  • Residential areas, student’s housings, community centers
    Eliminates line application and termination for tenants, no bill conflict

  • Office and Commercial Premises

  • Government offices, manufacturing sectors, factories
    Reduction of operating expenditure and better control of unnecessary phone usage

  • Events and Exhibitions

  • International exhibitions, social and cultural fairs, short-term events
    No line application and termination procedure, no bill collection issue

  • High-risk Customers

  • Bad debtors
    Suitable for temporary and urgent usage, up-front revenue for Telco

  • Domestic Users

  • Multi-tenant accommodation, large families
    No bill payment conflict

  • Rural Community Center

  • Rural villages, community centers
    Shared fixed line facility for rural communities without bill collection issue

    Key Features

  • Prepaid voice services for local, STD, IDD and premium services
  • Fax and Internet services
  • Voice over Internet
  • Prepaid reload through pin activation via Ezeephone CPE
  • Balance inquiry
  • Fast connectivity
  • Customer care module
  • Prepaid mobility - same concept as Mobile SIM where each customer owns his/her reloadable
  • Ezeephone SIM that can be used at any Ezeephone CPE or Ezeepayphone
  • Practically eliminates all known telephony fraud: card cloning, CPE fraud and line tapping fraud
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