Recent news

  • TMCA Workshop 2012

    In Q1 2012, TAB has initiated eSecurity business challenges and strategies with its business partners and key customers.  This saw a discussion workshop was held recently outside Kuala Lumpur. The objectives of the workshop are innovating products and services that are suited to be introduced to key customers under the Information Exchange drive, and introducing latest authentication services by TAB to all present.   The workshop outcome was fruitful and provided a good insight for everyone on the importance of information security.   TAB is enthusiastic and confident to work with its key customers in providing them end-to-end security solutions for their businesses. 

  • TAB To Become The 3rd CA Provider In Malaysia


    MCMC has been granted TM Applied Business the establishment stage as Licensed Certification Authority (CA) in 15th December 2010. This establishment License valid until 14th December 2011.

  • TM eCert Official Launch

    TM had officially launched the e security initiatives branded as TM eCert in early February 2009.  

About US

TAB is an MSC-status company poised to enrich TM’s products and services offerings by providing innovative ICT products and services for the telecommunication industry.

With continual emphasis on innovation, TAB’s 50-strong human capital has strong core competencies in the areas of messaging, Telco Operation Support System (OSS) and e-Security.

Among solutions developed by TAB is Infoblast, which is a continuation of TAB’s Virtual Communication Service project which garnered the highly coveted MSC APICTA Award in 2002 in the “Best Value Added Communications Technologies” category.

Other fixed-line VAS solutions developed by TAB and recently deployed are Flexi Destina and SmartPIN. All these services support TM’s agenda to offer fixed-line services that more exciting and more enticing, hence attracting and retaining more customers. TAB will continue striving to add more value added services to TM’s current fixed line. Customers will be able to enjoy a new fixed-line which is more personal, more mobile and has more value added services. 

In addition to providing TM with solutions that can value add to their fixed-line service, TAB also supports TM by providing solutions that are used internally. For example, in July 2008, a solution called iWATCH was deployed. This system monitors TM’s extensive network of copper cables nationwide. In the event of cable theft, the system will immediately and accurately identify and localise the exact location of the cable theft. Within a few seconds, the information will be escalated to the relevant security personnel. Since its inception, 200 exchanges have been covered and it has been proven to effectively reduce cable theft incidences.

TAB has also been successfully appraised to Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Maturity version 1.2 Level 4 Rating by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). This appraisal is one step towards TAB’s aspiration to be rated as an organization with world class software development processes. By adopting the CMMI standards, TAB’s processes are smoother and more efficient. Solutions are thus developed faster and are of more superior quality. TAB looks forward to be appraised at CMMI Maturity Level 5 in 2009. This would be a significant milestone for TAB.

To further diversify its business, TAB has ventured in the e-security business in partnership with Dream Security, Korea. TAB has successfully installed a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system for TM’s internal use, and expects to deploy a complete suite of PKI-based services to TM.

With its strong and innovative team, TAB looks forward to an encouraging future supporting TM’s bid to strengthen the fixed-line service.